Music festival checklist


Music and arts festivals like Coachella and Osheaga are on the rise; it is clear that people love having a good time. While a more traditional form of celebration, music festival is having a comeback. Every year, the above-mentioned festivals admit thousands of attendees, and they are just the tip of festivals iceberg.

While going to festivals, having a good time, and meeting new people is the main agenda—being well-prepared plays a great role in facilitating a real time. There are items and actions that most people forget to undertake, so we decided to make a checklist for all the music festival lovers. Before you go to your next one, make sure that you account for this list.

A list for the music festival goers


Make sure that you have all the tickets before you set your feet out of the house. Without your ticket(s), you will not be admitted into the festivals, imagine what a waste that would be.

Map to festival

Lucky for you, you do not have to get paper maps, and have navigational skills, all thanks to Google maps and other similar apps. However, these maps use phone signals to give directions, and you might end up in a place with very little or poor cell phone coverage. Make sure to download all the maps that you will need for offline use. Google maps support this.


Most festivals follow a very strict schedule, hence the need for you to keep time. Make sure that you have a copy of the festival’s program, whether as a soft or hard copy. Knowing where to be and at what time will ensure that you don’t miss out on any fun.


Along with your credit or debit cards, make sure that you have some cash. In a festival, it might be hard to find card processors, and you might have to make payments in cash.

Battery bank

If you want your smartphone to last for long—long enough to take all the selfies you need, then ensure that you have a battery bank with you. Smartphones are known to have poor batteries, hence the need for a backup.


While in the festival, you will need to carry your items with you at all times. This is why you need a good bag.


You have to protect youSunglassesr eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight, and bright stage lights; sunglasses will help you with this.…