David Lee Garza bio

David Lee Garza is currently enjoying enormous superstar success as both a musician and a down-home Tejano music hero. His unique brand of music is spontaneous and rich with sensitive tradition in the Tejano, or Tex-Mex industry. What is David Lee about? He’s about the goodness in life. Respect for one’s family, the sharing of one’s self with others and expecting nothing in return, and being the best at whatever you do. Garza is no different than any other living legend, everything about him is a true inspiration of those around him.

Talent is only a fraction of his character and yet, his talent itself is measureless. Just listen to the finess and the sweetness his accordion delivers, and you’ll understand what the overtones imply. This guy stands along with the greats of today. Blend these ingredients along with the strong powerful sound of an elite group of musicians, and you’ve got the makings of a star quality entertainer.

At the same time, David Lee produces and arranges, while each member of the band contributes at every level, creatively and musically, every step of the way. It’s traditional sound that Garza has always been able to deliver.Born in Poteet, a small agricultural community just south of San Antonio, it was through tradition that Garza found music; the key ingredient that built his rock steady career in the Tejano circuit. It was his father’s steady resolve that lead David Lee Garza and his two brothers, Adam and Richard, to master their God given talents. “He was only 11 years old at the time when he first started playing the accordion,” says Tony, David’s father, beaming with pride. In their spare time, Garza and his brothers lend their talents to many charitable and community efforts, including a David Lee Garza Scholarship, School Smart Concert Series at Poteet High School, Team Roping Rodeo competitions, and participating in various youth group fund raising events among others.Garza remains very strongly rooted in the Tejano community by working with civic and educational groups. “I don’t think of myself as a spokesperson, just as someone who cares about making a difference. I think when you have any success, it gives people hope that they have a chance, too”

1998 became one of the best year of David’s career when the crossover occurred while blending the sound of Tejano Music and Norteño Regional. The hit single “Te Quiero, Te Amo”, reflects the music of both cultures and creates a new concept in the Tejano industry and awakens both Mexican and Mexican Americans tastes with a unique contemporary new sound. Also the song “No Hay Mañana” sung by bajo-sexto/guitarist-vocalist Billy O’Rourke stands as the new pathway for country music and becomes the greatest discovery route for the alternative tejano fan. “Nadie Como Yo”, David Lee’s first CD, with a new label Sony Discos is in fact something different and expected to outsell all his previous albums; David features a selected group of instrumental polkas requested by those faithful listeners, something he calls “Strawberry Jam”, he made a recompilation of these polka tunes to comply with his faithful followers that always request these classics while on tour. Los Musicales recorded their second CD for Sony Discos, “20/20”. The new CD consists of a variety of music styles, mixing up the “Classic Musicales Sound” blended together with the new vocals of Joey Martínez and the contemporary sounds of today’s Tejano Music. The band recently recorded their current album with Sony Discos entitled “Estamos Unidos”. David Lee Garza y Los Musicales continue to keep their strong Tejano tradition going with every recording that they produce for their diehard fans.